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About Us

Geoff Weinberg has been involved in the real estate industry for over 25 years and has a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial development. He was Principal of one of the leading Eastern Suburbs Agencies and has a long record of successful residential and commercial sales.

Geoff is well known in the Sydney real estate industry, maintaining close relationships with industry peers and contacts established over the years, all of whom regard Geoff as a highly skilled and experienced negotiator.

He now brings this wealth of experience and expertise to Exclusive Buying, relishing in the opportunity to offer clients personal service and assistance. Geoff is committed to understanding his clients’ needs, focusing on their requirements, building good working relationships and achieving their real estate objectives.

Geoff’s experience and expertise, combined with his market knowledge and reputation for honesty and integrity, enables him to deliver a premium service to his clients.


What We Do

Initial Preparation

Client Brief – An outline of our Client’s general and specific needs in regard to the type of property, the location, budget and time frame…

Property Search

Search – We commence a comprehensive search and personal inspection of properties, including those not advertised or listed…

Retina Ready Graphics

Once a property has been identified and chosen, a detailed analysis will outline specific features and recent sales of comparable properties…

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